Welcome New Users To Qfinr Platform

29th October 2021

Dear [First Name], 

We welcome all the new users to the Qfinr platform. Thank you for choosing us. We really appreciate it. We welcome your comments and feedback – just drop us a note at care@qfinr.com. If you find the platform useful do let your friends know.

How does one use the Qfinr App the right way? The first (and essential) step is to complete the Risk Profiling section. If you are using the mobile App, please scroll up and click on “Discover your risk tolerance” button under Quick Links. On the web version, please click on the button on the top right corner titled “Your Risk Tolerance” (picture below). There are 17 multiple choice questions in conversational English that take about 3 minutes to complete.

You can take the risk tolerance as many times as you want – and we expect that users will keep their tolerance updated regularly. Why is the tolerance important? It helps ground your financial objectives and provides a baseline to measure your investments. In case you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to try it. Our Blog and FAQs have various use cases that could make you a power user of the Qfinr platform.

By the way, are you seeing us on Twitter and LinkedIn? We post ideas, use cases and interesting material on both platforms every day. Follow us to make sure that you do not miss our posts. 

Finally, a quick use case. Have you invested in multiple mutual funds? Do you wonder if it is necessary to have exposure to so many funds? Check out a new feature in the Analysis Module. Please click on Analyse and then the Summary button. Then go to the Instrument Statistics tab. There are two tables in this page. First will show you correlations between your Mutual Fund holdings. The second one will show the risk, return, sharp ratio and other metrics. With this information, you will be able to evaluate between the funds that have a high correlation with other funds. And if the other metrics are not materially different (as one would expect with high correlation), then it may make sense have a discussion with your advisor about such funds! We will have a Blog Post on this use case soon. 

Wish you all a good weekend and stay healthy.

Best regards


(on behalf of the Qfinr team)