Reached A New Milestone

17th October 2021

Dear <First name only>,

Qfinr has reached another milestone this week!  Qfinr has graduated from “private beta” to open public access. The platform is available to everyone. On the web via the website and on the app store or play store in India for mobile use.

We have had many new subscribers this week. We welcome all to the Qfinr family and wish you the best for your investment journey. Many of you have been beta testers and your feedback has been vital in getting us to this stage. We thank you once again for your contribution in making Qfinr the go-to solution for those who want deep insights into their portfolios.

At this stage, it would be good to remind ourselves of our promises to our users.

First, to address the information asymmetry that investors have vis-a-vis their wealth managers. Powering intelligent investment decisions is the goal.

Second, to give investors a “one view” of their investments by aggregating sub-portfolios across bank & wealth managers, asset classes (stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, deposits) and countries (US, UK, Core Europe, Switzerland, India, Singapore and Hong Kong securities are on the platform now). 

Third, that Qfinr will do the grunt work of data access and calculations. We continue to get requests for enhanced and new functionality. We remain busy in delivering these features to you all. 

Fourth, data security. All the data is encrypted and stored on AWS (behind their state-of-the-art cyber security). Only you have access to your data and no one (including the database admins) can see the information.

Finally, not to forget features such ease of use, use of high-quality data sources, in built intelli-screeners and many others. We will unveil each of these unique offerings to you all in the letters from us in the weeks ahead. We will also take up use cases, or interesting features to highlight in our future communication to you. Please keep looking for these weekly bits of communication from us. They will help you in getting the most out of your investment in the Qfinr platform.

Once again, we welcome all new users to Qfinr. We wish all of you – old and new – an informed and profitable investment journey ahead.

With best regards


(On behalf of the Qfinr team)