New Members To The Qfinr Family

23rd October 2021

Dear [First name],

It has been gratifying to welcome new members to the Qfinr family. A special thank you to those who have given comments and feedback. We are a client-centric company, and we take your feedback seriously. It is the basis of our product development roadmap and effort. We are delighted reading comments like

-For the first time, I see what my overall portfolio looks like. 

-Didn’t realize how concentrated my portfolio really was despite having so many funds and 

-I’ve told my banker to give me a portfolio that meets my needs – not his.

There were a couple of items of feedback that I wanted to address today. 

First, most of you love the NSDL/CDSL/Statement upload feature. However, some of you have asked about securities they hold which are not uploaded (usually as they are not yet part of the Qfinr database). As investors, we appreciate the frustration of not having all securities getting uploaded. We currently have over 8,000 securities and are constantly adding more. To address the feedback, we have built a program that accumulates all the instruments that do not get uploaded and, without reference to the specific user, hands these to our team. Our team then works with our data providers, like Refinitiv, to ensure these securities are added to the database. Once added, the program will send emails to individual users to update them of the specific action. While most securities are added within the day, there are some that may take some time. We do not update PMS and AIF NAVs yet as we do not have a source that is robust enough for use. We continue to explore data providers for this.

As our database grows, the number of instruments not being uploaded are getting fewer and fewer. However, even one is one too many. We are working hard to ensure a zero-upload failure process.

Second, a few of you have asked for Automated Program Interfaces (APIs) to connect to your brokers and banks. This request is from a small number of you who have experience with such APIs. While we are building these APIs, after careful consideration, we have decided to implement this feature later (likely 2022). Most of our users are concerned about data privacy and confidentiality and so even if we do roll-out the APIs, the take-up will be small. For most users, the ability to upload holdings/transaction on a regular (weekly/monthly) basis seems to be a comfortable one. The holistic portfolio analytics across asset classes, wealth managers and countries, the scenario planning watch-lists, and exploring new ideas to add to the portfolio is clearly seen at the unique proposition that Qfinr offers.

We believe that the strength of Qfinr lies in its being ‘built by investors, for investors’. Qfinr is focused on ensuring your portfolio meets your requirements – and by using evidence and data, you have a more informed conversation with your wealth managers and hence make more informed choices. 

Please keep your comments and feedback coming – we read every single one! We have an additional channel of feedback, email at Follow Qfinr on Twitter too – we post use cases and more on that channel. 

With best regards


(On behalf of the Qfinr team)