How Do I Begin Using Qfinr?

The Qfinr App starts with the Investor at the centre. Once you have registered and logged in, start with filling in your risk profile questionnaire. This is the only place where we need some effort from you. Please do spend the 3 or 4  minutes necessary to read and tick the correct answers. It sets up to take full advantage of the powerful features in the App.  The specific steps that you can take are:

  1. Qfinr seeks to understand your risk profile via a set of simple but incisive 17 psychometric questions to determine your approach to risk, return and time horizon for investments.
  2. Qfinr then asks you to upload your existing portfolio. We have easy to use upload templates from your custodians such as NSDL, CDSL, CAMS, or brokers such as HDFC Securities, ICICI Securities or Zerodha. In a couple of clicks, your portfolio can be uploaded in Qfinr.

    If you do not have a portfolio as yet, you could start with a target portfolio.

    To help you get a quick start with the App, we have preloaded a simple portfolio. You can use this pre-loaded portfolio to get a quick understanding of the Qfinr platform.

  3. Qfinr will send simple but timely alerts on your portfolio and the holdings – to ensure you know what is happening to your portfolio.
  4. The Analyse module allows you to evaluate your portfolio against the desired risk and return for your specific risk profile. You’ll know if your portfolio is suitable for you, what the portfolio really looks like (including the “look through” holdings of your mutual funds and ETFs), which sectors are you exposed to and more. You can also compare the portfolio’s performance against a range of benchmarks. This is designed to generate a better discussion with your wealth manager and to examine the riskiness or return characteristics of the existing portfolio. All presented in an intuitive, easy-to-understand graphical format. And if you are a numbers person, we have the same ratios and analysis that professional money managers use!
  5. The Analyse module is also designed to do a what-if analysis to help you get closer to the preferred outcomes by making changes to your portfolio. Scenario planning is a breeze : copy your baseline portfolio, add new holdings and analyse the new scenario. Looking for a particular type of stock, mutual fund or ETFs, our powerful screener makes screening easy.

  6. The Analyse module is vast and has very interesting little features that are essential for portfolio management. Stress tests – we have that. Cash flow estimation – we have that too. Spend time on this feature and explore all that Qfinr has to offer.

Once you get a better handle of your investment style, risk tolerance levels, and the suitability of current investments, explore fresh investment ideas and themes by applying various filters to our database as per your individual preference, discover unique market insights and deeply understand the strength and weaknesses of mutual fund schemes using our proprietary quant driven analysis models.

All of the above is ready for the Indian Market with Indian Assets. Qfinr is able to aggregate or separately analyse portfolios comprising of instruments listed in the US, London, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong exchanges. These may require in-app purchases and specific permissions.

Happy investing.