Security Of Investor Data

Qfinr ensures confidentiality of client data and data security above all else. The database is encrypted and internal protocols ensure that no one other than you, the Investor can access your own data.

The Qfinr platform is hosted on Amazon’s AWS. It uses industry standard encryption tools and techniques to protect your data from external parties. In addition, your data is encrypted when you enter information in the Qfinr database, and again when it is retrieved from the database to reduce the risks of third party snooping at specific vulnerable points in the transmission chain.

Your data is not visible to our engineers too. We have a separate production environment which needs dual signoff from managers for an engineer to access. An important point to note is that the Qfinr’s core engineering team is inhouse. Only the peripheral functions – social media activity, user interfaces etc are outsourced.

What is Qfinr’s Information security policy? It is our deep and abiding belief that your financial information is yours. It should not be seen by either our internal engineers, contractors or external parties. We do not use your financial information for anything else except to give you insights to your portfolio. So we do not sell your personal information, we do not aggregate data to seek commercial advantage, we do not even anonymise data and sell to third parties. We do no side transactions with client data in any form.

When you submit your financial data to Qfinr, you can be assured that it is subject to almost institutional levels of security.